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Tuition assistance opportunities

Financial Aid Opportunities:

Financial assistance is available to those families unable to meet the costs required to attend St. Francis Solano School. Following is a list of the financial aid offered and the requirements of those programs. Please contact the Business Manager, Barbara Peters, at 707-996-4994 for specific information about applications and deadlines for these programs

The BASIC fund

The BASIC fund is a privately funded program, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, intended as a “Helping Hand” for children enrolling into a private school for the first time. Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis according to the deadlines indicated on the current year application. Awards are made until the funds for the program are exhausted, and are not guaranteed, even if you meet the deadline. The earlier your application and financial documents are received, the better chance of receiving a scholarship. The grant will be awarded for a minimum of 4 years provided your child gains admission to St. Francis; your family remains financially eligible; your family keeps up with its portion of the tuition payments to the school, and your child is in K–8th grade.

You will qualify for the BASIC fund assistance if you meet ALL of the following requirements:

Your child is registered at St. Francis Solano School

At least one child will be attending St. Francis Solano School for the first time

Your child meets all academic and other admissions requirements for St. Francis Solano School

Your child will be entering K-8th grade

Your family meets the income eligibility guidelines outlined below:

Household Size     Maximum Annual Household Income

25% of Tuition     50% of Tuition     75% of Tuition

2     $38103.00      $27849.00          $18065.00

3     $47896.00      $33901.00           $21110.00

4     $57600.00     $40456.00           $24155.00

5     $67304.00     $47010.00           $27200.00

6     $77008.00     $53564.00           $30245.00

Scholarships are awarded up to a maximum of $1,600.00 per child.

Private School Aid Service (PSAS)

PSAS is a privately owned company monitoring the financial needs of individual families based upon the income and expenses of applying families. PSAS does not award scholarships; but, advises St. Francis Solano School of the needs of each family and ranks families according to their ability to pay tuition. The financial aid is funded by the school’s scholarship fund as a result of the PSAS recommendation; and, is based on the amount of money available and the number of requests. Families are notified by mail of the assistance they can expect for the upcoming school year. The award of this scholarship program is available to existing families only.

Parish Assisted Tuition (PAT)

PAT is a scholarship program funded by the second collection at designated Sunday masses at St. Francis Solano Church. The proceeds are used to aid tuition for families who are currently enrolled in St. Francis Solano School, and find themselves in need of a temporary assist with tuition. Parents need to schedule an appointment to meet with the pastor at St. Francis Solano Church to request temporary tuition assistance. To qualify, parents must be members of St. Francis Solano Parish.

The Aquinas Scholarship

The Aquinas Scholarship is awarded to practicing Catholics with a recommendation from Father Mike Kelly and Debbie Picard. The amount of scholarship awarded varies from year to year; and, therefore is limited to a few recipients. Eligibility for this scholarship is determined by several factors and necessary steps to follow. A family must be practicing Catholics; the pastor and principal must recommend the family; the family’s need must be verified by FACTS, a needs assessment business. To apply a family must submit its FACTS application on-line, no later than March 15th. Simply go to and follow the directions for an application-that-identifies-financial-need. Filling out a FACTS application that identifies a family’s financial need will require a parent to have on hand her/his tax documentation (i.e. IRS Form 1040 and W-2) for the most recent calendar year. There will be a charge for filing the FACTS application, currently $30.00. Should a family’s need be verified by FACTS, this verification is not in itself an indication that an Aquinas scholarship is forthcoming; the amount of money that is available for scholarships is limited.

For financial aid information contact: Barbara Peters: