Diocesan Volunteer Clearance Requirements

Before anyone can volunteer at school, in classrooms or chaperone field trips he/she must:

  1. Be fingerprinted at a LiveScan facility using the diocese’s form with proper ORI number
  2. Complete the online safe environment training courses and acknowledgements and register online with the Diocese of Santa Rosa as a volunteer. On August 1, 2017 the diocese launched a new online training program with CMGConnect. https://santarosa.cmgconnect.org

 All prospective school volunteers must train on the new safe environment program and all existing school volunteers must retrain. The deadline to complete training is October 1, 2018. If you have trained in the past, please use your existing account. Please DO NOT create a new account. If you cannot retrieve your user name or password for your CMG Connect account, please contact: stf.schooloffice@saintfrancissolano.org

Fingerprint Form

Code of Conduct for School Workers