Fifth Grade

Michelle Momsen

Highlights of 5th Grade:

  • Point Reyes Camping Trip
  • State Reports
  • Colonial Presentations
  • Extended Curricula


About Mrs. Momsen

Mrs. Momsen has been teaching 5th grade at St. Francis since 1996. She attended St. Francis Solano grades 1-8 and graduated in 1986. She continued on to Justin-Siena High School in Napa, graduating with highest honors. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, as well as a Multi-Subject credential from Dominican University. While in the credential program, she received the Future Teacher of the Year Award, the Paul Douglas Scholarship, and the Phi Delta Kappa Excellence in Student Teaching Award. She was voted into the Cambridge Who’s Who of teachers for the year 2008-2009. In the spring of 2011 she received her CLAD credential. 

While at St. Francis, Mrs. Momsen has been on the WCEA Leadership Team four times, as well as on a WCEA Visiting Committee.  She has been the Academic Decathlon coach for grades 7-8 for the last six years, and is the Yearbook Coordinator. Mrs. Momsen has taken her class on an outdoor overnight field trip to Pt Reyes for 24 years, until Covid restrictions. She cannot wait to be able to go again.  All three of her children graduated from St. Francis Solano; two are now college graduates and one graduated from Sonoma Valley High School in 2018. (One of her daughters continued the Campbell/Momsen tradition, and is a teacher for Sonoma Valley Unified School District.)

Although she is a veteran teacher, Mrs. Momsen always continues to learn. In the last two years, she has learned how to teach virtually, use Google Classroom, and teach brand new math and science programs. During the summer of 2021, Mrs. Momsen took a course to help fifth graders continue their education after Distance Learning. She is thrilled to be teaching at St. Francis, which is what she always wanted to do.

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Fifth Grade Language Arts

 In this grade, the focus is on reading comprehension, understanding literary devices, character development, and analyzing fiction and nonfiction texts.  Students are taught to respond to literature with descriptive writing and proper essay paragraph format, as well as how to use textual information to support claims.  Spelling and grammar components are emphasized as well.


The standards taught are: numbers and operations of fractions and decimals, algebraic expressions, and measurement and data. Math concepts are taught in a variety of ways, including the series into Math and the use of iPads.


The series twig Science is NGSS based and teaches students the science standards through hands-on experiments. These standards include matter, living organisms, earth systems, and the night sky.

Social Studies

This year is all about early American History from the time the first humans arrived up to the revolution.  Special attention is given to the states and the colonial time period.


Religion is taught using the Santa Rosa Diocesan text I Believe  which includes the beliefs of the Catholic Church as well as the life of Jesus. There is also a  Family Life component in this class.