March Madness!

$50 per entry

Welcome to the St. Francis Dad’s Club 2022 MARCH MADNESS tournament challenge!  We hope you’re enjoying the conference games leading up to Selection Sunday.

After a two-year Covid hiatus, we’re bringing back what will hopefully continue to be an annual tradition.  What’s a little different this time around is that we are going to make this a “fun-raiser”. Therefore, we are encouraging as many entries as possible, both from the St. Francis community and anyone else in our collective networks.  So spread the word and forward this email to family & friends.  Each person can submit up to four brackets. 


Each entry is $50 and we will distribute funds like a 50/50 raffle.  50% or $25 will go to the Dad’s Club to further its mission of providing iPads and other necessities to the school.  50% or $25 will go towards prize money.  Depending upon the number of entries, we will award cash prizes to at least #1 – #3 in order of finish and $25 to last place (you get your money back minus the donation).  

We’re still coordinating some of the details, but the plan is to host a Dad’s Club only private “watch party” at Steiner’s for the championship game on Monday, April 4th.  We’ll provide food, a few drinks, give out the cash prizes, participation ribbons and a trophy to the winner.  Our reigning champion is Chris Sanders.  Time to defend his title!


It’s simple, 

  1. Go to this link to login and join the group.  If you have an exisitng Yahoo account, use that,  otherwise set one up with whatever email you personally use.
  2. After the teams are selected and seeded (starting this Sunday, 3/13 @ 3 p.m. Pacific), you will receive a notification to log in and complete your bracket(s).  Make sure to label your bracket with something you will remember (your first/last name is probably best).  If multiple brackets, choose a different label or number them by first/last name, i.e. John Doe #1; John Doe #2.
  3. We will NOT be scoring the Tues/Wed play-in games so you have until 8:15 a.m. Pacific Thurs., 3/17 to submit your completed bracket(s)
  4. Payment for your bracket(s):
    1. $50 for each entry
    2. Please note which bracket(s) your payment is going to cover
    3. Pay via Paypal on the “Buy Now” button below…

Point values increase with each round and there is a seed difference multiplier for any correct upset picks.  For example, in the round of 64 (Round 1), you pick a 12 seed to upset a 5 seed.  You earn 1 point for the victory plus 7 bonus points for the seed difference multiplier.  

RoundCorrect Picks PtsSeed Difference Multiplier
Round of 64ptsx seed diff
Round of 32ptsx seed diff
Round of 16ptsx seed diff
Round of 8ptsx seed diff
Round of 4ptsx seed diff
National Finalptsx seed diff




This is not just for St. Francis Parents!!! Please forward on to other St. Francis Dads, Moms (and all friends) or even better, text them and make sure they get in on the Challenge!  

Remember this is open to the greater St. Francis community.  Have fun!!!