Second Grade

Leah Baeder

Highlights of Second Grade:

  • Reconciliation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Spring Lake Field Trip

About Mrs. Baeder

Mrs. Baeder grew up in Sonoma and is an alumnus of Saint Francis Solano School.  She attended Justin-Siena High School and graduated in 2000.  She went on to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication in 2004.  After college, Mrs. Baeder worked as a Business Analyst and Sales Manager for over 10 years before pursuing her life-long dream of becoming a teacher in 2016.  She enrolled in Dominican University’s teacher credentialing program and received her credential in 2017, and is currently in the process of completing her Master’s Degree in Education.  She has taught First and Fourth grade in Sonoma and Marin, and is so happy to be teaching at St. Francis.  In her free time, Mrs. Baeder loves hiking, bicycling, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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Second Grade Daily Warm-Up & Agenda

Each morning students complete a warm-up activity.  These activities include reviews for religion, math, language arts, science or social studies. Daily agenda meetings are designed to promote classroom community. This is a time where we review the day’s agenda, special events and celebrate birthdays.

Language Arts

Our focus in second grade is to increase reading fluency, build comprehension and analysis, grow speaking and listening skills, and expand writing abilities.


  • Small groups based on reading level
  • Teacher read-aloud
  • Silent reading
  • Raz-Kids: an interactive reading app


  • Learning and practicing the writing process:  brainstorming, rough draft, editing, final copy and sharing.
  • Writing narrative, informational and persuasive compositions
  • Poetry
  • Portfolio-based


  • Rebecca Sitton’s Spelling Program
    *achieve spelling success
    *provide on-going instruction
    *practice basic skills
    *target individual spelling needs
  • Spelling journals
  • Classroom “Word Wall”


Second graders study single, double and triple addition and subtraction, expand place value concepts, identify the value of coins, use measurement in standard and nonstandard units, and review fractions.  We employ whole and small group instruction, manipulatives, iPad apps for computational skills and individualized instruction.

Math curriculum includes:

  • Extending an understanding of place value (within 1,000)
  • Building fluency in addition and subtraction (within 100)
  • Measuring the length of objects by using appropriate tools
  • Identifying shapes and their attributes


Second grade science emphasizes reading and comprehending informational text, writing informative and explanatory reports and creating science projects.

Science curriculum includes:

  • Physical Science – the study of motion and force (STEM activities)
  • Life Science – the study of plants and animals
  • Earth Science – the study of the composition, processes and materials of the Earth’s crust
  • Wildlife Defender Program
  • Mystery Science Activities
  • Science Studies Weekly
  • Field Trips
  • Projects

Social Studies

Second grade social studies emphasizes reading and comprehending informational text, writing informative and explanatory reports and creating projects.

Social Studies curriculum includes:

  • Develop a beginning sense of history through the study of family
  •  Use maps frequently
  • Learn about government institutions
  • Develop an appreciation for the many people who work to supply our needs
  • Be introduced to people who have contributed to our society


Second grade religion is designed for students to understand and live their Catholic faith according to their age and readiness. It is important that each student develops a relationship with God, learns to praise God and experience God through prayer. Each student’s faith development needs to be nurtured within the family and at school. This combination ensures the spiritual growth of each child.

Technology (Tuesdays)

Students have a 40-minute formal technology class each week.  Additionally, iPads will be used within the classroom for all subject areas.

Spanish (Fridays)

Students have a 40-minute Spanish class each week with Senor Ligotti.

Music (Mondays and Thursdays)

Students have two 40-minute Music classes each week.

P.E. (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Students have two 40-minute P.E. classes each week.

Creative Arts

Students participate in integrated art projects, drama activities and visual arts throughout the year.