Fourth Grade

Robin Perkins, Homeroom

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Highlights of 4th Grade:

  • California Missions
  • Kinder Buddy
  • Spelling Bee

About Mrs. Perkins

Robin Perkins was born and raised in Sonoma Valley.  She attended Saint Francis Solano School and is an alumni of Sonoma Valley High School.  Robin began her collegiate studies at UC Davis studying Biological Sciences only to realize that she wanted to follow her true passion for teaching.  Robin transferred into an Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington.  She moved home to Sonoma Valley and completed an ELA (English Learner) teaching credential at Sonoma State University.

With more than ten years experience teaching youth, Robin  had the pleasure of teaching first grade at Saint Francis Solano school for seven years and upper division science for three years.  She participated in a WCEA accreditation of Saint Francis Solano School in 2012.  The following year she was honored to serve on a WCEA accreditation committee with principals and teachers all committed to serving and teaching our youth.

When not in the classroom, Robin enjoys spending time with family and friends.  Her daughters are in 9th and 12th grades in Sonoma Valley.  When she has free time she loves to be outdoors walking, biking, and hiking.


Fourth Grade Language Arts


A comprehensive study of writing, editing, spelling vocabulary, and grammar skills is undertaken, as well as learning various styles of writing including essays, persuasive, narrative, and creative writing, including poetry. To enhance our understanding of California History, we read several historical fiction novels including Pasquala, a story of a Native California Indian; Patty Reed’s Doll, the story of the Donner Party; and By the Great Horn Spoon, a story about the California Gold Rush.


A comprehensive curriculum, using state standards including number sense, place value, multiplication, division, introduction to algebra theory, geometry, fractions, decimals, order of operations, logic, and graphing.


The emphasis is on human body, earth materials and electricity. Students do reports and presentations on insects, mammals and minerals.

Social Studies

We study California history from the early Native California tribes to the Mission period, to westward expansion, the Gold Rush period and the transcontinental railroad. With the assistance of the local community center, the fourth graders make a ceramic mission model that is later displayed at Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma. Several field trips with an emphasis on California history are planned including a trip to Sacramento to visit Sutter’s Fort.


Our focus is on the Old and the New Testaments, the Ten Commandments, learning correct Bible notation, parts of the Mass, and seasons of the Church calendar.  In the spring, we study Family Life using a series that encourages students to continue to be responsible, positive members of their family and community.