The Church Mouse

Supporting St. Francis Students

The Church Mouse stores are our “Angels” behind the scenes!  Started over 40 years ago, this simple thrift store has turned into two shops around the Sonoma Valley.  Be sure to visit our store downtown on the Square and the Thrift Center on HWY 12 in Agua Caliente.  The Church Mouse’s mission is to support the students of St. Francis Solano school and Catholic education throughout Sonoma.

The Church Mouse gives the school an annual stipend which allows us to keep the tuition down quite significantly (over $1000 per child!)  We are grateful to them for their support, and we reciprocate by working a few hours (24 per child annually) to keep their labor costs down.

Church Mouse address and phone numbers:
 15 East Napa Street, Sonoma (707) 938-9797
Thrift Shop Hwy 12 16885 California 12, Sonoma  (707) 996-5115

Visit the Church Mouse website at


Monthly Volunteer Hours FAQ’s

Why do I have to volunteer 2 hours per month, per enrolled student?
Over the past 40 years, The Church Mouse has evolved into a Sonoma-wide enterprise supporting Catholic education to the St. Francis Solano Parish and helping to maintain affordable tuition for SFSS families.The Church Mouse currently provides school families with a $1000 per student scholarship. In support of the mission of The Church Mouse, SFSS families are expected to participate in store operations. The Church Mouse is currently undergoing a reorganization to cut its operation costs. Increasing their workforce with a steady and reliable stream of scheduled volunteers is vital to the success of this reorganization strategy.

What kind of jobs will I be doing?
Volunteers will be needed to do a variety of tasks at home and at store locations. Most of the volunteer work still includes take-home jobs such as laundry and ironing.

What if I don’t do my minimum volunteer hours one month? Can I do double my minimum hours the next month and still get all the credit?
No. The scholarship credit is awarded monthly at $83.33 per student. To receive the volunteer scholarship credit you must complete a minimum of 2 hours, per enrolled student per month. If, however, you have more than one student and you are only able to to complete 2 hours in a month, you will still receive a partial tuition credit.

When do I begin my hours for the school year?
The tuition billing cycle for the  school year begins in July and runs until June. Monthly hours must be completed beginning in June through May. Hours will be credited at the beginning of the month; i.e. hours completed in June will be applied July 1st for July’s monthly scholarship credit.  

What if I show up for my scheduled shift at the Church Mouse, but they do not have work for me?
Volunteers will be required to sign a shift log book at the store location when they arrive for their volunteer shift. If a volunteer arrives for a scheduled shift and no work is available, the volunteer will receive credit for their shift. Confirmation from Church Mouse is required for the school office to issue monthly tuition credit. If a volunteer cannot make the scheduled shift, they must notify the store as soon as possible.

How do I schedule my monthly hours?
Families may call 707-996-5115 and schedule directly with the Thrift Center shop.

Can I have someone else do my hours for me?
Absolutely! Relatives and friends can help you fulfill your monthly hours.

What if I pay my tuition on a 10 month, bi-annual, or annual basis?
To receive the full scholarship credit, you will still need to volunteer from June through May and your scholarship credit will be issued on a monthly or quarterly basis in the form of a check. Please make specific arrangements with Barbara Peters:

Contact the school office if you have any additional questions. 707.996.4994