Upper Division Math

Chris Stava

About Mrs. Stava

Ms. Stava has been teaching at St. Francis since 2003.  Prior to joining the St. Francis faculty, Chris taught 8th grade math at Sonoma Charter School. From 1988 to 1997 she was the 6th grade homeroom teacher here at St. Francis. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree and her multisubject teaching credential from Cal State Fullerton, then went on to compete course work to obtain a supplementary math credential. The Justin Siena Math Contest is a yearly event in which she coaches a group of students for competition. The team took first place in the 2013 contest against 10 area schools. She loves the beauty and order of math and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with students. Chris and her husband, Randy, raised two daughters in Sonoma, both of which are recent graduates of St. Franics Solano School.  Travel and cooking are two of her favorite hobbies along with running and being with her family.


  • Master basic arithmetic
  • Come to class prepared with all necessary tools
  • Stay on task in class
  • Ask questions when you have them
  • Show all your work in pencil
  • Be organized (very organized)
  • Work at least 20 min. on math each night
  • Utilize the time I am available to you
  • Keep a positive attitude

Other important information:

  • Quiz and Test dates are usually posted on the Upper Division calendar, however, unforeseen events do arise and tests sometimes get pushed to a later date.
  • At times, some students will be working at their own pace on a specific chapter. Time management is key to pacing. Though students may be at different concepts at any given time, there will be a set test date for each chapter. Be sure students are working for at least 20 minutes each night on math.
  • ** If a test score is below passing (70%), a student needs to give up some time to see me, discuss the mistakes and take a few make up problems. The grade will then be raised to passing. (Since this is a second chance, the grade will be raised to 70%). **
  • If students need to see me for extra help or make up work, I am available during recess (any day except Friday) and during lunch (any day except Wednesday).  After school is also a time a student can come in. As a courtesy to me and others who need to meet with me (and in case there may be a scheduling conflict) please let me know when you’d like to come in.
  • Textbooks should stay home when doing self-paced work and will be used for home assignments and as a reference book for students to find information.Access codes for textbooks online (through classzone.com)
  • Course 1(Grade 6) 2438405  2030
  • Course 2 (Grade 7) 2438405  2370
  • Algebra 1 2438405  2710

Favorite Math Websites
These websites can help you find answers to math questions, extra practice sites (interactive) and printables.

Video lessons:

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