Second Grade

Anne Phillips

Highlights of Second Grade:

  • Reconciliation
  • First Holy Communion
  • Spring Lake Field Trip


About Mrs. Phillips

Mrs. Phillips has been part of the St. Francis Solano School community since 2001. Prior to St. Francis Solano School, Mrs. Phillips taught grades one through six throughout Sonoma Valley which included Flowery Elementary School, Altimira Middle School and was lead teacher at Sonoma Charter School. Mrs. Phillips earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University. Additionally, she holds a Multiple Subject Credential, a Social Science Credential and a CLAD Credential. Mrs. Phillips and her husband have lived in Sonoma for 34 years. Their grown children attended St. Francis Solano School and their granddaughter is currently a third grader.  Mrs. Phillips and her family are active members of St. Francis Solano Church.

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Second Grade Daily Warm-Up & Agenda

Each morning students complete a warm-up activity.  These activities include reviews for religion, math, language arts, science or social studies. Daily agenda meetings are designed to promote classroom community. This is a time where we review the day’s agenda, special events and celebrate birthdays.

Language Arts

Through the stories in our textbooks we develop vocabulary, comprehension, character development, and drawing conclusion skills. Our focus in Second Grade is to increase reading fluency, comprehension and analysis, expand speaking and listening skills and increase correct English conventions. In addition to our textbooks, we also read a variety of literature, poetry and informational texts. Our reading program includes books from the Flat Stanley series and culminates in the creation of a presentation based on the travels of our personal Stanley who has visits with family or friends across the country.

      Classroom reading:

  • Small groups based on reading level
  • Teacher Read Aloud
  • Silent Reading
      Raz-Kids: (an interactive reading app)

  • Students can listen to books for modeled fluency
  • read books for practice
  • monitored reading progress
  • Every leveled eBook has an accompanying eQuiz to test reading comprehension
  • Books include Spanish, Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Poetry and more

  • Rebecca Sitton’s Spelling Program
    *achieve spelling success
    *provide on-going instruction
    *practice basic skills
    *target individual spelling needs
  • Spelling journals
  • Classroom Word Wall
      Writing Workshops Include:

  • Learning and practicing the writing process:  brainstorming, rough draft, editing, final copy and sharing.
  • Writing narrative, informational and persuasive compositions
  • Poetry
  • Portfolio based


Second Graders study single, double and triple addition and subtraction, identify the value of coins and count with them, use measurement in standard and nonstandard units, fractions, and introduce multiplication and division.  We employ whole and small group instruction, manipulatives, iPad apps for computational skills and frequent assessments to ensure mastery of concepts.

Math curriculum includes:

  • Extending an understanding of place value (within 1,000)
  • Building fluency in addition and subtraction (within 100)
  • Using simple concepts of multiplication and division
  • Measuring the length of objects by using appropriate tools
  • Identifying shapes and their attributes


We use FOSS kits to learn about Pebbles, Sand and Silt as well as Balance and Motion. Second grade emphasizes reading and comprehending informational text, writing informative and explanatory reports and creating science projects. Students learn more about the seasons and create watercolor pictures of trees representing each of the four times of year.  We also focus on living creatures and their habitats and use hands-on learning activities to enhance knowledge.  We learn about:

  • Physical Science – the study of motion and force (STEM activities)
  • Life Science – the study of plants and animals
  • Earth Science – the study of the composition, processes and materials of the Earth’s crust

Social Studies

We learn about depending on others around us, knowing our families, living in our country and people who make a difference. We focus on being a good citizen and understanding that all Americans share certain rights and responsibilities.


Second grade religion is designed for students to understand and live their Catholic faith according to their age and readiness. It is important that each student develops a relationship with God, learns to praise God and experience God through prayer. Each student’s faith development needs to be nurtured within the family and at school. This combination insures the spiritual growth of each child.

Technology (Thursdays)

Students have a 40 minute formal technology class each week.  Additionally, iPads will be used within the classroom for all subject areas.

Spanish (Mondays)

Students have a 40 minute Spanish class each week with Senor Ligotti.

Music (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Students have two 40 minute Music classes each week.

P.E. (Wednesdays & Fridays)

Students have two 40 minute P.E. classes each week.

Creative Arts

Students participate in integrated art projects, drama activities and visual arts throughout the year.

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